CN2008 SE

CN2008 SE is an embedded computer, small in size, with a +24VDC supply that can be expanded with boards faced to the internal bus PC104 and equipped with Windows CE 6.0 operating system. CN2008 SE operates in connection with a supervision PC Unit by means of a dedicated Ethernet network; you can place the CNC in an electrical cabinet, remoting the position of the dashboard that hosts the user interface, usually characterized by a commercial PC. The system CN2008 SE is a numerical control suitable for medium size machines, roughly up to 16 axes and 16 remote I/O couplers. It is possible to connect several CN2008 SE devices with the same supervisor PC unit; doing so can provide a modular control system particularly suitable for a line of machines or a large work centre. The system is able to provide different filedbuses, depending on the hardware and software configuration it’s possible to support: EtherCAT and other leading fieldbus systems.