KeDrive D3-DU 3x5 FSoE Slave Controller

The KeDrive D3-DU 3xx is a high-performance control solution for PLC, Motion and Robotics applications. In combination with a KeDrive D3 power supply module and axis modules a compact drive and control system is made available.

The KeDrive D3-DU 3x5 variants are additionally equipped with an integrated safety controller and onboard safety I/Os. The safety controller combines safety logic and also safe drive monitoring in one device. Additional safety functions in the axis modules are therefore no longer necessary, with the exception of STO (Safe Torque Off).

The KeDrive D3-DU 3x5 can also act as FSoE Slave in order to exchange safe data with a higher-level safety system.


  • Scalable performance up to Intel Celeron 3955U
  • 1 EtherCAT Master interface and one additional second EtherCAT Master interface or optionally one additional leading RT-Ethernet Master interface
  • 1 EtherCAT Slave interface or optionally an other leading RT-Ethernet Slave interface
  • Integrated safety controller including safe onboard I/Os:
    • Complete safety solution up to category 4, PLe according to EN ISO 13849-1 and SIL3 according to EN 62061 and EN 61508
    • Safe single-axis functions according to EN 61800-5-2
    • Safe robot modules according to EN ISO 10218
    • 1 FSoE Master interface
    • 1 FSoE Slave interface to exchange safe data with a higer-level safety system
    • 1 Safety Slave interface that supports another leading safety protocol to exchange safe data with a higher-level safety system
    • 20 safe digital inputs
    • 8 safe digital outputs 0.5 A
    • 2 safe digital outputs 2 A
    • 2 safe relay outputs (up to 230 V, up to 4 A)