Programmable Multi-Axis Controller CK3M series

Performing precise linear motor drive control and nanoscale positioning, the PMAC (Programmable Multi Axis Controller) has been appreciated by manufacturers of semiconductor manufacturing equipment and other leading-edge equipment.
Omron now offers a next generation motion controller CK3M that packs PMAC’s superior motion control capability, multi-vendor connectivity, and flexible development capability into its compact design. The CK3M removes constraints and barriers and maximizes your machine’s capabilities.


  • Up to 16 axes can be controlled by analog commands using four CK3W-AX Axial Interface Units and an expansion rack
  • The CK3M-CPU121 controls up to eight EtherCAT servo drives
  • G-Code/ANSI C/original programming language
  • EtherCAT slaves including vision and I/O can be connected
  • Compact design (1/3 the size of conventional models compared with UMAC)
  • The EtherCAT network reduces wiring and machine size


Programmable Multi-Axis Controller CK3M series



OMRON Corporation

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