Kuhnke CODESYS Starter Kit PLC & I/O

The aim of the starter kit is to make you familiar with the programming system CODESYS V3 and the hardware of Kendrion Kuhnke. You will learn in a few steps to program a PLC to the international standard IEC 61131-3. The used PLC, Kuhnke FIO Controller, is an embedded IPC with CODESYS V3 PLC and web servers. It offers the full intelligence of IPCs, but has only relevant control tasks interfaces. But it also costs significantly less than a conventional IPC and is small enough to fit on any standard DIN rail. The PLC simultaneously supports a CANopen® and an EtherCAT® master. The configuration of both field bus systems is very easy in CODESYS.

With our “easy to clip-on” digital and analogue I/O modules, function modules and gateways the modular PLC allows you to expand into a complete, customized control solution.


Kuhnke CODESYS Starter Kit PLC & I/O


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