icECAT EtherCAT Configuration Library

The EtherCAT Master Configuration Library is used to create an ENI configuration (EtherCAT Network Information) for a customer specific EtherCAT network. This configuration can be evaluated by an EtherCAT Master Stack to initialize a network.


  • Shipment complete in source code
  • Project based license, no royalties


  • The library supports the configuration of the EtherCAT network topology via the API. Alternatively, an online network scan is supported.
  • Various settings can be made for the EtherCAT master and the slaves.
  • The library manages the configuration information (process image, tasks, ...) and provides it to the application.
  • The library generates an ENI configuration according to ETG.2100, which can be exported in XML format. An EtherCAT Master Stack can read this file for the initialization of the network.


  • Flexible possibilities for the integration into an EtherCAT configuration tool:
    • Stand-alone configuration tool without an EtherCAT master
    • Configuration tool and EtherCAT master in a common application
    • Configuration tool with remote connection to an EtherCAT master system
  • Independent of the technology of a user interface framework
  • Event mechanism for notification of changes in the configuration data
  • Programming language: C, integration in C++ is possible


  • Parser for ESI XML files
  • Management of an ESI repository
  • Online network scan
  • Configuration of the EtherCAT network topology
  • Slave configuration:
    • Process data (PDO assignment)
    • Distributed Clocks
    • Custom CoE Init Commands
    • EoE, FoE, ESM Bootstrap State
    • Modular Device Profile (MDP)
  • Master configuration:
    • Master Tasks
    • Master Sync Units, Mapping to Slave Sync Units
    • Distributed Clocks
  • ...

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icECAT EtherCAT Configuration Library


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