XENAX® Xvi75V8 Ethernet Servo Controller

The XENAX® Xvi 75V8 is a compact Ethernet Servo Controller. Logic and Power supply are separated, enabling the linear motor to remain in communication even in case of security related power interruption. The XENAX offers a direct Web Browser Setup which makes a software installation redundant. With the Quickstart function in the intuitive WebMotion graphic user interface, you can set-up and run your linear motor axis by pressing only one button. Set-up has never been easier and faster!

Technical Data:

  • For linear motor axes LINAX® Lxc / Lxu/ Lxs / Lxe
  • For AC, EC, DC motors like MAXON or Faulhaber
  • Webbrowser set-up
  • Quickstart function: one button to set-up and run your linear motor.
  • Ethernet TCP / IP, RS232, Pulse / Direction
  • Input: 12, configurable as High (24V) or Low (0V) active
  • Output / Voltage: 8 / 24V active. Flexibly configurable as sink driver (0V) or source driver (24V)
  • Start-up Key: optional
  • Logic Supply Voltage 24V
  • Power Supply Voltage: 24-75V (Motor)
  • Current: 8 / 18A
  • 15 programs for binary coded inputs for pre-selection program numbers
  • Busmodules: EtherCAT® and other leading fieldbus systems are supported
  • State Controller with axis observer: Permanent adjustment of external influences, e.g. forces, temperature, friction etc. by a correction matrix. Highest accuracy with fastes positioning.
  • Master-Slave Operation with up to 4 axes
  • S-Curve Speed Profile: Smooth motion, less wear, higher positional accuracy.
  • Safety standard for STO, SS1
  • Saftey optional, with Safety Motion Unit, SMU for SS2, SLS
  • Float Sensing Function (Compensation of cogging, payload and friction forces). Basis for a precise force measurement, joining processes and way-force recording.
  • Compact dimensions (mm): 182x110x30
  • Low weigth (g): 515


XENAX® Xvi75V8 Ethernet Servo Controller


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