EtherCAT Junction Terminals

The EtherCAT junction terminals from Beckhoff Automation enable configuration of various topologies for EtherCAT networks.

EK1122 | 2-port EtherCAT junction
The 2-port EtherCAT junction enables configuration of EtherCAT star topologies. A modular EtherCAT star can be realised by using several EK1122 units in a station. Individual devices or complete EtherCAT strands can be connected at the junction ports. The EtherCAT junctions are connected via RJ 45 sockets with direct display of link and activity status. The Run LED indicates the status of the EK1122. Through TwinCAT and other suitable EtherCAT masters the EK1122 also supports coupling and uncoupling of EtherCAT strands during operation (Hot Connect).

EK1521 | 1-port EtherCAT fibre optic junction
In conjunction with an EK1100 EtherCAT Coupler, the 1-port EtherCAT fibre optic junction enables conversion from 100BASE-TX to 100BASE-FX physics (glass fibre). Distances of up to 2 km can be bridged with the EK1521 and the EK1501 EtherCAT Coupler for multimode fibre optics. EK1521-0010 and EK1501-0010 for singlemode fibre optics permit distances up to 20 km. Even cable redundant systems with fibre optic can be realised using the 1-port EtherCAT fibre optic junction. The run LED shows the status of the EK1521.

EK1561 | 1-port EtherCAT plastic optical fibre junction
In connection with an EK1100 EtherCAT coupler, the EK1561 single-port POF branch makes it possible to convert from 100BASE-TX physics to 100BASE-FX physics (POF – Plastic Optical Fibre). Distances of up to 50 m between two couplers can be bridged using the EK1561 and the EK1541 EtherCAT Coupler for POF. Unlike the glass fibre, the POF fibre is easily wireable in the field. The Run LED indicates the status of the EK1561.




EtherCAT Junction Terminals


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