TOYOPUC-Plus is the ideal board-type PLC for built-in application. Achieving the simple configuration of equipment control.

TOYOPUC-Plus, being only the size of a postcard, works away diligently behind-the-scenes. By having TOYOPUC-Plus built in to your operation panel, a simple control system with an equipment control function is possible. Functions can be built freely depending on screen data and sequence programs, and external devices can be connected through communication.

TOYOPUC-Plus makes it possible to configure everything from the independent control of hand-assembled equipment to the decentralized control of fully-automatic equipment.

It can be expanded into a control system suitable for the equipment scale.

On TOYOPUC-Plus, functions can be added per board. Controlling small scale equipment with a minimal configuration (1 board). TOYOPUC-Plus allows for expansion in the limited space of automatic equipment and configures the ideal control system.

TOYOPUC-Plus does not require PLC model changes, but meets fluctuations in production volume with flexibility.






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