4-channel Industrial RFID EtherCAT Processor

Whether you are looking to track assets like tools or molds, or follow production in work-in-process type application, industrial RFID is the go-to standard in automating manufacturing and logistics applications. When looking to integrate RFID into traceability applications there are many factors to consider:  mounting of the data tag, time to process data, getting the data into they control system and much more. As RFID applications are getting more complicated, it is even possible to have more than one RF technology working in your facility. This processor provides impressive flexibility and adaption to your application with a competitive price point. Using the BIS V processor for your RFID applications give you a wide selection of read/write heads and an even broader selection of industrial tags in every shape and size.

Key Technical Notes:

  • Operates on the ISO standard 13.56Mhz or a low frequency 125 Khz
  • Provides 1 IO-Link master port for picking up trigger I/O or an additional RFID head
  • Has simple setup with bright LEDs and USB service interface


4-channel Industrial RFID EtherCAT Processor



Balluff GmbH