ECAT-1000 Multiprotocol Gateway

The ECAT-1000 multiprotocol gateway allows information to be transferred seamlessly between EtherCAT and various RS-485 based networks with minimal configuration requirements. The ECAT-1000 provides dual Ethernet ports and a RS-485 port for control protocols.

Key features of this flexible and powerful gateway include:

Supported Protocols Include

  • EtherCAT (slave)
  • Modbus RTU (master and slave)
  • BACnet MS/TP (client and server)
  • Toshiba ASD (master)
  • Johnson Controls Metasys N2 (slave)


  • IEEE 802.3 100BaseT Ethernet. Supports a simple low cost line structure, tree structure, daisy chaining or drop lines.
  • RS-485 (4-wire terminal block style), supports multiple protocols

Power Supply
Can be powered by USB or 7-24VDC via the terminal block

Graphical User Interface Configuration
The gateway is configured by the ICC Gateway Configuration Utility PC application via a USB mini type-B cable

Network Timeout Action
A configurable network timeout action can be programmed to allow each database address its own unique "fail-safe" condition in the event of a network interruption.


  • 1 bicolor "RUN" LED that reflects the EtherCAT communication status
  • 1 red "ERR" LED that indicates EtherCAT communication errors
  • 1 green "TX" and 1 red "RX" LED for the RS-485 port
  • 1 bicolor "Status" LED that indicates the gateway status
  • Ethernet link and activity LEDs

As new firmware becomes available, the gateway can be updated automatically by the Configuration Utility

Versatile Mounting Options
May be desktop, panel/wall or DIN-rail mounted.  All mounting hardware is provided.


ECAT-1000 Multiprotocol Gateway


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