Compact Designed to Maximize Power 

  • Intelligent brushless motor, NEMA 17
  • Embedded drive and motion controller
  • Continuous torque: 80 mNm
  • Motor supply: 12-48 V; logic supply: 12-36 V
  • Integrated position sensor: 4096 counts/rev
  • Inputs: 4 digital, 1 analog. Outputs: 4 digital
  • EtherCAT communication
  • Circular M8 and M12 connectors

iMOT17 designates a family of size 42 mm (NEMA17) motors with integrated electronics from Technosoft, containing: brushless motor, encoder, servo drive and motion controller – all in one compact unit.

The iMOT17xB TM-CAT supports CAN application protocol over EtherCAT® (CoE) in conformance with CiA 402 device profile. Advanced features as cyclic synchronous position, up to 35 customizable homing modes (including all CiA 402 standard homing modes), PVT third order interpolation motion profiles, etc. are covered.

Motion programming can be done via an EtherCAT® master, or using the unit built-in motion controller executing a TML program. A distributed control ap¬proach, combining the above options, like for exam-ple a master calling motion functions programmed on the units in TML is also possible.