The CNC300ET is the result of consequently further developing the proven CNC300 with its high dynamics, intelligent contour processing and comfortable graphical user interface. It is used when, in addition to high precision and maximum throughput, also demanding functions resulting from individual machine concepts are required.

Equally to the previous model, the CNC300ET is based on the proven ProCom CNC core. Equipped with technology packages for water jet cutting, laser cutting or plasma cutting containing useful expert knowledge about various technologies, it provides for outstanding results.

The complete and robust construction enables a space-saving order in the control cabinet. The CD-ROM drive can be obtained optionally facilitating additional space saving.

The CNC300ET supports EtherCAT as interface to drives and field levels. With this interface the CNC300ET offers a maximal flexibility and opens access to the entire range of EtherCAT-based drives and peripheral components.

The optionally available ProCom CAM software supports the job preparation for various technologies and conducts simulations and calculations already prior to processing. Equally, it allows different processing strategies, for instance, internal prior to external contours, smaller prior to larger parts. The program’s Auto-Nesting-procedure ensures the minimisation of cutting scrap through a fully or partially automated optimisation of parts nesting on the working surface. The best possible order of process steps is regulated by the Auto-Routing-procedure, which, considering specific process parameters, carries out a path-time-optimisation of the individual process steps.





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