The TBEC-LL-4RFID-8DXP is a robust and compact RFID and I/O module and is designed as an EtherCAT slave. It was developed for use in industrial automation and complies with protection type IP67/IP69K as well as an extended temperature range from -40 to +70 °C. The TBEC-LL-4RFID-8DXP provides two ports for the Ethernet line (EtherCAT IN and EtherCAT OUT) and an M12 L-coded ports for each input and output connector of the power supply. HF or UHF read/write heads can be connected to the four M12 RFID ports. The other four universal M12 ports (DXP) are used as inputs or outputs for up to eight sensors, lights or other actuators.

The EtherCAT module supports here the HF or UHF read/write heads as well as the mixed operation of both technologies on the same module. The HF bus mode also enables the connection of up to 32 bus-capable HF read/write heads per channel. The process data is transferred cyclically. Different HF and UHF interfaces can be used according to the application, thus enabling flexible use in different RFID applications. The TBEC-LL-4RFID-8DXP also supports a password function for HF and UHF as well as the grouping of data and the automatic execution of commands on the HF/UHF read/write head. Besides an overall solution for RFID applications, Turck also offers suitable products and solutions from the areas of sensor, fieldbus, controller, cloud, connection and interface technology, as well as HMI.





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