DEWESoft KRYPTON instruments act as preamplifiers in difficult signal conditioning applications and convert signals to EtherCAT data that is used within the control loop. Using decades of experience in data acquisition, DEWESoft is offering perfect signal conditioning to the control world with the use of EtherCAT.

IP67, -40 ... 85°C, 100g rated ISOLATED THERMOCOUPLE amplifier. Rugged, high-temperature resistant sensor interface that you can place in hot environment. Connect with one cable for data, sync and power. Voltage input also supported. 8 and 16 ch. versions available.

Supported thermocouple types: K, J, T, R, S, N, E, C, U, B

Voltage input ranges: 1 V, 100 mV

Isolation voltage: 1000 V channel to channel and channel to ground

ADC: 24 bit sigma delta
Max sample rate: 100 SPS
Resolution: < 0.001°C

Input connector: Mini Thermocouple (copper)

Power supply voltage: 6 .. 50 V

Daisy chainable with a single cable for data, sync and power.


a) Data acquisition: DEWESoft EtherCAT DAQ profile – self-developed profile includes data buffer on each device to ensure synchronization, equidistant sampling (key requirements for frequency analysis) and no data loss (key requirement for expensive testing). Plug-and-play functionality, endless display and analysis options.
b) Control: compatible with any EtherCAT master.





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