Commander SK Drive Range

Compact, versatile, simple-to-use AC drives
0.25 kW to 132 kW

Commander SK sets a standard in AC drives for compact size, simplicity of use, price and functionality.

It is designed to encompass the needs of the mainstream distribution and OEM markets, with the easiest possible installation and set-up that takes in some 80% of applications. Yet, ‘scratch the surface’ and there’s a very smart, versatile product that is also suitable for more complex system applications.

The Commander SK is easy to connect, configure and install. All drive sizes can be mounted on a flat surface, DIN rail mounted (for small sizes), or ‘through-hole’ mounted from Size 2 upwards. All connectors are generously sized, clearly labelled and configuring is literally a couple of minutes for most applications, with settings marked on the front fascia of the drive.

With a market-leading power to size ratio, the drive’s compact footprint, display included as standard and extra features that can eliminate the need for additional components such as EMC filters, all add up to space and cost-savings. Where more intelligence is required for the application, the drive’s on-board PLC feature can eliminate the need for an external PLC and power supplies, whilst integrated fieldbus options minimise the need for external I/O to interface with the drive.

The drive is compatible with the full range of Control Techniques’ plug-in option modules that cover a wide range of feedback options, extra I/O and fieldbus connectivity including Ethernet and EtherCAT.

The SM-EtherCAT module is compatible with the full range of Control Techniques’ AC and servo drives. The module is able to read and write cyclic data of five, 32 bit drive parameters every 250µs, synchronizing the drive’s control loops to the communications network, improving overall system performance.

Commander SK also incorporates, as standard, logic functions, comparators, motorised potentiometer, PID regulator, dynamic braking transistor with optional external braking resistor and DC injection braking as standard. Optional functions include SM/I/O Lite that can control and external encoder and even allow real-time clock functions. All this adds up to a general-purpose drive that can deliver more, giving lower cost solutions and better productivity in customers’ motor control applications.




Commander SK Drive Range


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