The drive modul with integrated safety function STO for DC brush motor consist of power supply and motor control. The single-phase 230 V power supply with active PFC supplies the motor control and external devices with 24 V DC (360W). The drive modul can used as safety component according to Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC.

  • Supported types of motors: DC brush motor, 2-phase stepper motor, Servo motor, BLDC
  • Number of motors: 2 to 8 (parameterised)
  • Safety function STO with diagnostic contact: SIL 3 and Category 3, PL e
  • I/O-Interface: 10 digital 24V-Inputs, 3 analog inputs
  • Fieldbus interface: EtherCAT (CoE, FoE), CAN (CANopen)
  • Engineering interface: USB-Interface, SD-Card




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