Machine Automation Controller NX1P

The built-in EtherCAT port and advanced motion control make machines faster and more precise

  • EtherCAT simplifies the wiring to up to eight servo systems including for single-axis position control.
  • Up to four axes of motion control. Electronic cams and interpolation increase machine speed and precision.

IO-Link brings IoT to the sensor Level

  • EtherCAT connects I/O devices, motion devices, safety controllers, and vision systems with a single cable.
    You can check machine information by monitoring the status of the connected components.
  • EtherNet/IP enables communications with a host PC and data links between NJ/NX Controllers and CJ PLCs.


  • Integrated sequence control and motion Control
  • Up to eight axes of control via EtherCAT
  • Up to four synchronized axes - electronic gear/cam and linear/circular Interpolation
  • Standard-feature EtherCAT control network support
  • Safety subsystem on EtherCAT
  • Standard-feature EtherNet/IP port
  • Built-in I/O
  • Up to eight NX I/O Units connectable
  • Up to sixteen remote NX I/O Units connectable via EtherCAT coupler
  • Up to two option boards connectable to add serial communications or analog I/O functionality
  • Battery-free Operation
  • Fully conforms with IEC 61131-3 standard programming


Machine Automation Controller NX1P



OMRON Corporation

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