open:control M50

With the optimal combination of the CODESYS and EtherCAT basic technologies, open:control provides you with an efficient solution for fast development cycles in the field of mobile working machines and for the growing complexity of control systems with new integral processes in software development and an innovative architecture for hardware components. open:control can be used easily and securely with everything from the smallest to the most complex machines, all with optimal scalability.

The M50 is a high performance comfort control unit in a grouted plastic housing with a mounting plate. It has a large variety of communication interfaces. The I/O is expandable via EtherCAT. The M 50 is programmable by the development system CODESYS. It has 2 switching inputs and 1 switching output.


  • Supply Voltage: 8 - 30 V
  • Programming System: CODESYS V3.5
  • Interfaces:
    • I/O and supply voltage: AMP 16 pin n-coded plug with JPT-flate mal tab
    • 2x EtherCAT: M12 4 pin, d-coded female connector
  • Inputs: 2 x switching input
  • Outputs: 1 x switching output
  • Protection class: IP67


open:control M50