Digital controller for piezo-based nanopositioning systems
Integrated low-noise power amplifiers for PICMA® piezo actuators. Output voltage -30 to +130 V. Supports strain gauge sensors, capacitive sensors or piezoresistive sensors. Delivery includes wide input range power supply and USB cable.

EtherCAT fieldbus interface
Controller and nanopositioning system behave like an intelligent multi-axis drive according to CiA402 drive profile. Can be integrated seamlessly into automation systems in industry and research. Operating modes according to IEC 61800-7-201: Cyclic Synchronous Position (CSP), Profile Position (PP) and Homing (manufacturer-specific method: Autozero).
Cycle time 2 ms.

Operation via TCP/IP or USB
Operation via TCP/IP or USB is possible without EtherCAT master. The controller then has the same functionality as an E-727 without fieldbus interface and is commanded via PI GCS. Extensive software support, e.g., for NI LabVIEW, dynamic libraries for Windows and Linux.

Extensive functionality
P-I controller with 2 notch filters. Linearization based on 4th-order polynomials. Optional Dynamic Digital Linearization (DDL). ID chip for fast startup and quick exchange of system components.

Further interfaces
SPI for fast serial transmission of position values to / from an SPI master. 4 analog inputs and outputs each (optional) for external sensors, target values or external amplifiers. 4 digital inputs and outputs respectively.




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