SK-FM3-176PMC-FA is a versatile evaluation board to develop industrial automation applications based on Spansion's FM3 microcontroller MB9BD10T Series. It was conceived especially as a reference platform to explore and develop Industrial Ethernet slave solutions but also CAN and USB. The board comes with a software package which includes the protocol stack.


  • FM3 Microcontroller MB9BFD18T
  • 2x Ethernet via industrial switch/hub
  • 2x EtherCAT via ASIC
  • 2x High-speed CAN-Transceiver
  • 2x USB-Host (Type-A connector)
  • 1x USB-Device (Type-B connector)
  • 1x USB-to-serial converter (Type-B connector)
  • UART and OpenOCD JTAG simultaneously
  • JTAG and Trace Interface
  • Motor-Control-Interface
  • Multicon (I2C, SPI, LIN, UART)
  • LCD Display and RGB-LED
  • 5x pushbutton (User buttons)
  • Variable resistor
  • Reset-button and Reset-LED
  • 16MByte NOR flash memory
  • 2MByte SRAM memory
  • On-board 5V and 3V voltage regulators to supply MCU and on-board components
  • RoHS compliant, CE conform





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