EtherCAT Consulting & Training

Important player in terms of development tools and software stack provider around the EtherCAT technology, ISIT offers one of the only training courses available in France on EtherCAT.

Balanced between theory and practice, this training will bring you both an excellent in depth knowledge but also a method for rapid implementation of this very powerful technology.

In order to best meet the needs for its customers at EtherCAT level ISIT offers, through its partners and suppliers specialized in the field, a complete range of tools (software and equipment).

Through this training, you will learn:

  • Fundamentals on industrial Ethernet networks and fieldbuses
  • Ethernet technology
  • The fundamental and advanced principles of EtherCAT technology
  • Precautions for implementation
  • Investigation techniques for solving problems

Duration of the training:

2 days

Concerned audience:

Project managers, engineers and technicians who may start, supervise or participate in the development of applications based on EtherCAT technology as well as those involved in the management and operation of EtherCAT-based systems.


Notions on networks and fieldbuses

Course Map:

  • Review of Ethernet principles
  • Basis of EtherCAT Operation
  • Topologies
  • Structure of the EtherCAT frame
  • The EtherCAT Slave Controller
  • Messaging (Mailboxes)
  • Distributed clocks (DC)
  • FSoE
  • Software implementation
  • Analysis and diagnosis
  • EtherCAT implementation and comissioning