EtherCAT I/O Module ETCio 100

Flexible I/O Module for EtherCAT also available as board-level product

The new EtherCAT I/O Module "IXXAT ETCio 100" from HMS enables the quick and easy connection of analog and digital input and output signals to EtherCAT systems – whether in component test stands, mobile applications or for industrial automation applications.

The device has two analog inputs and four analog outputs with a 12-bit resolution. The analog output voltage range can be individually programmed between 0 to +10 V.

In addition, the device has six digital inputs and four digital outputs. The output voltage range can be freely selected within a wide range with the switching threshold of the inputs automatically adjusting according to the selected voltage range. The outputs are short circuit protected.

The configuration of the module is made by the EtherCAT master device by writing EtherCAT objects.

Like the other devices of the IXXAT I/O module series with their wide input voltage range from 6 V to 32 V, robust aluminum housing and operating temperature range of -40 ° C to +70 °C, they are ideally suited for integration into existing systems and for usage in mobile and industrial applications.

Along with the aluminum housing model, HMS offers the “IXXAT ETCio 100” also as an embedded board version which can be easily integrated in customer specific devices. Customized versions with custom I/O interfaces, individual form factors or connectors can be developed by HMS in a short time and at reasonable prices.




EtherCAT  I/O Module ETCio 100


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