L-force 9400 Servo Drives

It is the completely new electromechanical concept behind the 9400 Servo Drives System that sets it apart. The separation of the installation backplane from drive electronics simplifies installation, mounting and application to an extent that cannot be matched by competitor products currently available on the market.

Support for well-known fieldbus systems is of course provided, as well as interfaces for all leading real-time ethernet systems for motion control applications. An integrated diagnostics interface and the proven Lenze system bus interface complete the package.

9400 Servo Drives are available from 0.37 KW up to 370 KW. The modular concept of the 9400 Servo Drives means that the system is also suitable for modern fieldbus systems like EtherCAT. As a highlight drive-based safety is included. Modular safety functions of various scopes are available as options.

HighLine 9400 Servo Drives with CiA 402 - high-speed servo controller for central control tasks
The 9400 Servo Drives is available with the standardised CiA402 / IEC 61800-7-2 device profile and is the perfect adapted servo inverter for central topologies.

Benefit from the following implemented operating modes:

  • Homing mode
  • Cyclic synchronous position mode
  • Cyclic synchronous velocity mode
  • Cyclic synchronous torque mode
  • Interpolated position mode

HighLine 9400 Servo Drives with technology applications - for decentralised control tasks
The HighLine 9400 Servo Drives delivers intelligence to the drive and is designed for decentralised Motion Control applications.

The following complete technology applications are available:

  • Table positioning 
  • Positioning sequence control 
  • Electronic gearbox and synchronism with mark synchronisation 
  • Actuating drive (speed, torque) 
  • The function block editor in the L-force Engineer can be used to easily and flexibly adapt the functions

It has got extension slots for communication, memory and safety modules, making the device perfectly flexible for your needs.




L-force 9400 Servo Drives



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