Spider67 Gateway Module For EtherCAT

The Comprehensive I/O Solution for Field Installation

Spider67 supports standard industrial bus protocols. The system includes extension modules like digital, analogue and other function modules. It is applicable for field applications with multiple I/O points. Spider67 with protection degree IP67 allows flexible field connections and is particularly suitable for movable applications.

Product Overview

  • Gateway: supports standard bus and extensible sub-modules
  • Connection cables: wiring sub-modules and gateways
  • Digital module: input and output of digital signals Analogue modules: input and output for current and voltage signa

Key Features

  • Supports standard industrial EtherCAT protocols etc.
  • Compact design minimizes mounting space requirement
  • Flexible I/O configuration with a combination of analogue-, digital-, and function- extension modules
  • LED status indication, fast function diagnosis
  • Online diagnosis function for modules and channels
  • Protection degree IP67




Spider67 Gateway Module For EtherCAT


ELCO Industry Automation


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