comX - Flexible Communication Module for Automation

  • All major industrial protocols
  • Master and Slave
  • One hardware for all Real-Time Ethernet protocols
  • Ready to use, due to preloaded fi rmware
  • Integrated OPC UA Server & MQTT Client
  • Firmware update via integrated Webserver

The comX communication module is designed for integration in automation devices e.g. robot controllers, PLCs or drives to add a network interface. All communication tasks are executed autonomously in the module - independent of the processor of the target device.

Process data exchange is done via a Dual-Port-Memory, either as 8-/16-bit bus interface or as
50 MHz SPI interface.

comX supports all major Real-Time Ethernet protocols as Master or Slave and covers all network specific demands in a single module. For support of a line topology the module is equipped with two Ethernet ports. A change of the communication protocol is done by simply loading a different firmware and adding a software license upgrades to a master.

Besides Real-Time Ethernet communication there is an integrated Webserver as well as an additional transparent Ethernet channel available, to realize own IT solutions in the host processor of the automation device. Moreover, an upgrade with integrated OPC UA server and a MQTT client is available.





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