TS60 Turbine Surveillance

TS60 is used for supervision of main shaft speed and generator speed. TS60 includes a CAN interface for connetion of CAN modules, including the kk-electronic accelerometer for supervision of tower movement / oscillation. TS60 is also equipped with a limited number of digital I/O for general purpose use.


  • Low speed differential or single ended encoder input for main shaft speed measurement
  • High speed differential or single ended encoder input for generator speed measurement
  • CAN interface
  • 3 digital inputs, for general purpose use
  • 2 digital outputs, for general purpose use
  • 1 digital output, dedicated for controlling supply to CAN device
  • Separate DC supply input for digital output and CAN devices
  • Temperature range -35°C to +70°C
  • Output enable control and monitoring
  • Station Ready control and monitoring


TS60 Turbine Surveillance



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