EtherCAT Master for Linux as part of EtherLab®

EtherLab is an Open Source Toolkit for rapid realtime application development under Linux®. Using a generic C-API or MATLAB®/Simulink® with the Real-Time Workshop, it provides support for the EtherCAT technology. The IgH EtherCAT Master is a part of EtherLab®.

Features of the IgH EtherCAT Master 1.5

  • EtherCAT master conforming to IEC/PAS 62407
    • Kernel module for Linux 2.6 providing multiple masters
  • Drivers for wide-spread Ethernet devices
    • Interrupt-less operation
    • Easy implementation of additional Ethernet drivers
  • Supports any realtime environment
    • RTAI, Xenomai, RT-Preempt, etc
  • Realtime Application API in kernel- and userspace
    • Dynamic slave configuration, including PDOs and SDOs
    • Slave groups with different sampling rates (domains)
    • Bus monitoring
    • SDO and VoE handlers
    • Userspace API via C-library
  • Master finite state machine (FSM)
    • Slave states are read cyclically
    • Automatic scanning of the bus after a topology change
    • Automatic configuration of slaves
  • Implementation of the CAN application protocol over EtherCAT (CoE) mailbox protocol 
    • Configuration of CoE capable slaves
    • SDO information service (dictionary listing)
    • SDO transfers both via the application interface and the command-line tool
  • Implementation of the Ethernet over EtherCAT (EoE) mailbox protocol
    • Virtual network interface for any EoE capable slave
  • Implementation of the Vendor specific over EtherCAT (VoE) mailbox protocol
    • Communication with vendor-specific mailbox protocols via the API
  • Userspace command-line tool 'ethercat'
    • Detailed information about master, slaves, domains and bus configuration
    • Full bus access for diagnosis and maintenance purposes
  • Seamless integration in any GNU/Linux distribution. Includes init script and sysconfig file
  • Virtual read-only network interface for debugging and traffic monitoring purposes (using Wireshark, etc.). No additional hardware necessary.


EtherCAT Master for Linux as part of EtherLab®


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