Digitax HD

The new Digitax HD range brings ultimate performance to high dynamic, pulse duty applications, where high peak torque is required for fast acceleration. With integrated PLC technology, matched motors, gears plus a wide range of options to extend functionality and real time communication, Digitax HD offer extensive scalability in a comprehensive drive range and provides continuous servo control plus induction motor control. It has the flexibility of both standalone and modular configurations. The multi-axis paralleling kit includes busbars for quick connection of DC bus and earth link, as well as Quick Links to distribute 24 V supply across drives. DIN rail alignment for easy and quick installation. Digitax HD is available across four functionality levels: EtherCAT, MCI machine control, Ethernet and the flexible Base drive. Accuracy is improved through precision encoder feedback. Flexible speed and position feedback interface supports resolver and high-resolution encoders as well. Digitax M753 EtherCAT features an integrated 2-port EtherCAT switch for easy integration in centralized motion control applications. EoE support allows PC tool connection for commissioning and monitoring over the EtherCAT network. Flexibility for all applications achieved through full access to drive functions. Safety functions reduced downtime. The integrated Dual Safe Torque Off meets SIL3 and Ple. Digitax HD is available in 3 frame sizes, all with 40 mm width. The Control Techniques’ patented Ultraflow™ thermal management allowed reduction of cabinet height. 25 drives, up to 16 A per channel, can fit in just 1 meter of cabinet space. Digitax HD range is complemented by the Unimotor HD, Control Techniques’ high dynamic brushless AC servo motor range. With high peak torque, low inertia and the most compact dimensions, Unimotor HD is optimized for applications requiring rapid acceleration and deceleration. All this drive technology provide maximum value, wherever you are in the world.




Digitax HD


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