Tailor-made EtherCAT Slaves

Customer specific slave architecture (CSSA)

The newly designed Customer Specific Slave Architecture (CSSA) provides a cost-effective, tailor-made linkage of vendor's components and sensors to the EtherCAT fieldbus. This provides the opportunity to realize highly flexible EtherCAT sensor modules depending on customers wish. Furthermore, the architecture allows easily connections to other bus systems. No additional bus couplers are needed and a significant price advantage compared to standard components is achieved for a relatively low production quantity.

Communication Interfaces of CSSA:

  • SPI
  • ADC
  • PWM
  • I2C
  • UART
  • USB
  • Ethernet
  • PIO

Housing Types and Connectors

KNESTEL is able to fit customer specific EtherCAT components into almost any conceivable case. From standard DIN-Rail to any individually manufactured, fully encapsulated aluminum or polyamide housing, everything is possible. Plugs and connection types are completely flexible choice as well.

EtherCAT Master Systems

On demand, KNESTEL provides high quality EtherCAT master systems with ARM, AMD LX800 and Intel Atom processors and a wide range of interfaces.


Tailor-made EtherCAT Slaves


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