RJI DIN rail outlet

The RJ Industrial DIN rail outlet is compatible with DIN rails and provides the possibility for a clear and structured Ethernet cabling. The outlet is compatible with all RJ45 Jacks in keystone format. The rail outlet can be snapped onto the DIN rail. For easy assembly the outlet can be flipped open and the modules can be snapped in also after mounting on the DIN rail.

Modules at the edge can be covered by caps protecting the modules from dust.


  • compatible with DIN rails DIN EN 60 715
  • Integrated dust cover
  • Suitable for all modules in keystone format
  • Integrated labeling field
  • -20°C - 70°C
  • IP20

Compatible with:

Ha-VIS preLink® Keystone jacks
RJ Industrial® 10G Keystone jacks