MX2 Series V1 Type Multi-function Compact Inverter

Harmonized motor and machine control

The MX2 Series V1 type is born to control the best machines. The advanced design and algorithms of the MX2 Series V1 type provides smooth control down to zero speed, plus precise operation for cyclic operations and torque control capability in open loop. The MX2 Series V1 type also gives you comprehensive functionality for machine control such as positioning, speed synchronization and logic programming. The MX2 Series V1 type is fully integrated within the Omron smart automation platform.


  • Positioning functionality.
  • Fieldbus communications with optional unit *1
  • Drive Programming.
  • Current vector Control.
  • High Starting torque: 200% at 0.5 Hz.
  • Safety function *2
    EN ISO13849-1:2008 (Cat.3/PLd) *3
    IEC60204-1 Stop Category 0 *3

*1. Optional communication unit can be used with the inverter 3G3MX2 of unit version 1.1 or higher.
*2. The option board has been designed not to interfere with this safety function.
*3. Scheduled to Approved from spring 2013


  • 200 V AC single-phase 0.2 to 2.2 kW
  • 200 V AC three-phase 0.2 to 15.0 kW
  • 400 V AC three-phase 0.4 to 15.0 kW




MX2 Series V1 Type Multi-function Compact Inverter



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