Motornet DC

Integrated Motor / Servo Drive – Servo Motor with DC Supply and Electronics on board

Motornet DC is a brushless servo motor with electronics on board, supplied by DC voltage. It’s available from 1 to 6 Nm, power up to 750 VDC and IP65 protection. Motornet DC has a CANbus interface and can be shipped with EtherCAT or CANopen DS 402 communication. Local I/O can be connected to the motor, two inputs and two outputs. Optional the motor could assembled with a holding brake. Resolver, Hiperface or Endat encoder are feedback options. Typical applications for Motornet DC are distributed automation structures including packaging machines, rotary tables with numerous drives and motors mounted on board of moving working machines.

Common Product Features

  • Power supply: 325 ... 750 VDC
  • Compact design
  • Significant reduction on system wiring
  • Drastically reduced space in cabinet
  • Safety functions interated
  • Fieldbus (real time control) - EtherCAT (CoE)


Motornet DC


Parker Hannifin

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