EC-Win (RT-Linux)

EC-Win is an industry proven open EtherCAT real-time platform for Windows systems. It is possible to create extremely fast, deterministic EtherCAT based real-time solutions. Typical applications are motion controllers, PLC controllers or real-time measurement applications up to 20 kHz cycle. Core component of EC-Win is the powerful EC-Master Stack which was specifically optimized to match with the proven and reliable acontis Windows hypervisor and real-time technology, respectively.

Real-time Platform

  • Integrated hypervisor: Windows and the real-time part (operating system) are safely separated. Protection against Windows system failure (blue screen).
  • Standard POSIX support for the real-time part (preemptive multitasking, threads, events, semaphores, mutexes, ...).
  • 32 Bit or 64 Bit support, independent from Windows bit size
  • Fast high resolution system timer (resolution below 10 nanoseconds). Interrupt frequencies up to 20 kHz can be achieved.
  • Using multiple CPU cores for both, Windows and/or the real-time part is possible (SMP: symmetric multiprocessing). This is especially important for quad core CPUs etc.
  • Virtual TCP/IP network between Windows and the real-time part. The full functionality of the EtherCAT diagnosis features can be used.
  • Comfortable development and debugging environment using Microsoft Visual Studio. Remote debugging via Ethernet is possible.

EtherCAT Master Run Time

  • EC-Master Stack C/C++ Library with Class A functionality.
  • Fast and real-time optimized drivers for Intel and Realtek network controllers.
  • Standard mailbox protocols: CoE, SoE, AoE, VoE.
  • Distributed clocks support including synchronization of the Windows real-time part.
  • Slave to slave communication via master.
  • Bus scan with topology detection, analysis and verification.
  • EEPROM programming (read and write).
  • Comprehensive and proven diagnosis.


EC-Win (RT-Linux)


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