KeConnect C5 Modular I/O-System

KeConnect C5 is the new modular I/O-system from KEBA.


  • Optimum functionality to volume ratio: The I/O-modules are available in two different sizes to perfectly cater for customer requirements. This reduces the space required in the control cabinet considerably and optimizes costs.
  • High-performance bus connection enables top control quality: KeConnect C5 relies on EtherCAT as module bus. Even with remote I/O packages via bus coupler, no additional system dead times occur.
  • Extensive diagnosis minimizes maintenance time
  • Customer-friendly handling enables shorter assembly times
  • Higher machine availability thanks to straightforward servicing: KeConnect C5 modules feature an electronic data plate which enables fast identification through a simple readout of a variety of information. Function expansions and troubleshooting can be carried out by means of a simple update in the field when required.

Product portfolio

  • Digital input modules
  • Digital output modules
  • Digital hybrid modules
  • Analog input modules
  • Analog output modules
  • Analog hybrid modules
  • Temperature measurement modules
  • Positioning modules
  • Communication modules
  • Hybrid modules

For detailed information see product catalog.