2 to 8 NanoPWM™ Motor Drives System with ±10V Current Commutation Commands

The NPARM is an integrated servo motor drive system that is designed to operate with any motion controller with ±10V current commutation commands interface. It includes 2 to 8 drives that enable achieving motion performance that exceeds the performance achievable with linear drives, in a much smaller package, with significantly lower heat dissipation and higher reliability.

The NPARM 19”, 6U enclosure includes a 3.2kW power supply, with a single or two outputs, providing 48V or 96V or both, and power regeneration circuitry.

The NPARM has 4 slots for two-axis drive plug-in modules. Each slot can accommodate a drive module operating with different current and voltage ratings.

The NPARM is specifically designed to address the most demanding applications with regards to move and settle times, standstill jitter, and velocity smoothness, such as wafer metrology and inspection, FPD inspection, and ultra-precision machining for processing of optical components.
The unique DRBoost™ feature enables the motion controller to dynamically modify the range of the current command and together with the technology achieving an unprecedented current control with dynamic range of >100dB (100,000:1), resulting in better velocity smoothness and lower position jitter.

The current loop filter is programmable. Its gains can be selected by setting a DIP-Switch to one of 16 pre-set values, as well as by using the SPiiPlusMMI software suite for the ultimate fine tuning.

The drives are protected against over current, over temperature, and over voltage, and protect against motor over temperature.

The drives include relays that shorten the motor phases when a drive is disabled.

The NPARM supports E-Stop input that complies with CE and UL safety standard as well as STO (Safe Torque Off) to comply with EN ISO 13849-1, SIL3 and PLe.
CE, UL (Pending)




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