AS260 servo drive

AS260 series servo supports CIA402(IEC61800-7-201). It can realize various control modes, including profile position mode, Profile velocity mode, Profile torque mode, Homing mode, Cyclic synchronous position mode, Cyclic synchronous velocity mode, Cyclic synchronous torque mode.


  • Voltage Supply: 110~220VAC, 400VAC
  • Servo Drivers:1A - 160A (0.2KW - 52KW)
  • Servo Motors:0.5Nm - 334Nm (0.2KW - 52KW)
  • Powerful 32-bit RISC processor + FPGA controller
  • Position, speed and current control in 50µs
  • Supports Safe Torque Off (STO) Function (IEC61508) and Safety Stop
  • The real time monitoring of Voltage,current and temperature,Provide higher reliable
  • The PDO is freely settable
  • Supports 64 bit DC
  • Encoder interface for digital absolute encode
  • Supports encoder interface: Smart-ABS (TAMAGAWA), Endat2.1/2.2 (HEIDENHAIN), HIPERFACE DSL (SICK) as well as NIKON




AS260 servo drive


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