Digitax ST Drive Range

Digitax ST
Servo drives range - intelligent, compact and dynamic
From 0.27Nm to 19.3Nm (57.7Nm Peak)

The Digitax ST range of servo-drives, from Control Techniques, features unprecedented connectivity, feedback options, intelligence and functionality.

The range encompasses four models - Base, Indexer, EZ Motion and Digitax ST Plus - each extremely compact in size and having full compatibility with Control Techniques’ range of function and communication modules and easy to use supporting software, designed to save on development time.

The SM-EtherCAT option module is able to read and write cyclic data of five, 32 bit drive parameters every 250µs, synchronizing the drive’s control loops to the communications network, improving overall system performance.

The Base model is optimised for centralised control, to operate with motion controllers, motion PLCs and Industrial PC-based motion control systems, using a wide range of digital or analogue interface technologies.

The Indexer is designed for simple stand-alone applications, using its onboard position controller and offers point-to-point positioning or can be integrated with a wider automation system using fieldbus, Ethernet and I/O.

The EZ Motion unit offers a stand-alone solution for many common indexing and synchronised motion applications, using a unique, PC programming interface that guides the user through the drive, I/O and motion configuration.

The Digitax ST Plus features a full functionality motion controller, optimised for high performance machine cells requiring drive-to-drive networking and precision synchronisation.

Innovative mechanical design reduces installation time, with quick attachment to DIN rails and a cable management system that features rigid mounting and earthing brackets. Pluggable control terminals enable looms to be easily prepared and wiring time reduced.

Automatic motor set-up, Autotune and SmartCards that can safely store drive parameters all contribute to reduced commissioning time.

Digital ST will operate successfully with all makes and types of AC servomotors as well as linear motors and with almost any type of feedback device.

Users can increase the value of their machines whilst reducing the build costs, combining reliability, high-performance to increase operating speed, repeatability and accuracy, whilst at the same time reducing panel sizes and costs.




Digitax ST Drive Range


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