Industrial PC Solutions

BRUNNER supports customers and partners with developing and producing individual IPC solutions that are perfectly tailored to support the customers total system environment and processes.

As an element of our Professional Services offering, we perform a detailed requirements analysis for each IPC operational environment and demand. In close consultation with our customers, we evaluate available technologies and solutions, incorporate them to the meaningful maximum, and add our own designs and development efforts if needed. As a result, all our IPC solution are individually configured and tailored to our customer’s operational environment and system. Utilizing Windows 10 IOT Enterprise allows us to easily adress and answer the specific demands for networked digital application on industry 4.0/ Smart Factory.

Individual BRUNNER IPC solutions provide features and characteristics that are not offered by regular IPC solutions on the market. This includes interfaces like real-time EtherCAT® and fail-save-concepts which guarantee the saving of application data in case of unexpected system states or shutdown.

Our Professional Services team put‘s highest attention to the Man-Machine-Interaction that takes place via the customized IPC. We design and build individual ergonomic graphical user interfaces that are most easy to handle and self-explanatory. We use Soft-PLC solutions like TwinCAT or CODESYS to realize reliable, real-time and complex IPC solutions that support our customer’s processes to the maximum.


Chipset   Intel® Atom™ E3815 up to 5th Gen. Intel® Core™ i7 with QM87
DRAM  typical 16GB ECC DDR3L
Hard Disk
 1x SATA / 1x CF Card
USB 3.0  multiple
 multiple, 10/100/1000
Power Supply      
 24VDC (10W-60W), processor-depending
Cooling  passive or active
Touch Display
 Appl. specific, projected capacitive or resistive
 Appl. specific e.g. alloy housing and stainless steel panel

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Industrial PC Solutions


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