Kuhnke FIO Controller 113

The Kuhnke FIO Controller 113 is a mini IPC basing on X86. It is able to exchange data with other systems via industrial Ethernet and RS 232 or RS485. These interfaces also allow the visualization with low-cost terminals. The integrated web server provides thereby the use of web visualization. In addition, the module features a built-in SD card slot - for example to allow local storage of process data or to exchange control programs easily. An added digital interface allows realizing fastest possible reactions on specific process events. The multiplicity of status LEDs ensures a very comfortable error diagnosis.

The Kuhnke FIO Controller 113 is programmed via CODESYS. It features 8 MB system memory and a Flash EPROM with a capacity of 8 MB to store the control software.

Due to its various interfaces and supported bus systems the Kuhnke FIO Controller 113 can easily be integrated into existing control concepts. Completed by the integrated real time clock it is so ideal for applications like Condition Monitoring, RFID, motion or power controller.


Kuhnke FIO Controller 113


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