C6 P33 BM

The system is based on the Intel Celeron 3955U 64 bit dual core processor and offers three Ethernet and two USB 3.0 interfaces in combination with the “All-in-One” motherboard. In addition, the user has a DVI-D video output or alternatively a remote video link connection (RJ45) for distances up to 100m at his disposal.

The smart memory concept represents the maximum flexibility in the application and is completed with a micro UPS for the protection of non-volatile data.

Adapted to the application fields of automation, this system is characterized by its real-time capability and designed hardware for the runtime environment. To extend the functions, KEB remote maintenance can be optionally integrated in addition to control and visualization.

KEB uses the EtherACt fieldbus as the central element of the control architecture, wherby the EtherCAt master is integrated as standar´d in all C6 P33 controllers. This guarantees the user high performance and robustness of the entire system.

Together with pre-installed runtime libaries, all C6 IPCs are used for machine control and motion sequence processes as well as display, data acquisition and image processing.

Remote maintenance software is available as an option, making the C6 IPC series to a cost-effective, complete operation and maintenance tool.


C6 P33 BM



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