Ethernet Controller EC1000

Compact power PLC saves space and costs

In the form of the EC 1000 Berghof has developed a strong "family patriarch" at the centre of the CANtrol EC control system. It is only 25 mm wide. With EtherCAT and Ethernet interfaces it is designed for state-of-the-art communication. However, the CANtrol EC control system is complemented by the ET1000 Ethernet terminals, the EtherCAT I/O and its digital, analog and MotionControl modules.

Optimal programming - CoDeSys V3

  • The EC1000 can either be equipped with the tried and tested version 2.3 or with the future-oriented version 3.x.

CAN Bus is part of the basic equipment

  • The future-oriented interfaces, Ethernet and EtherCAT are among the highlights of the controller. However, CAN Bus provides the opportunity to combine tried and tested and affordable technology with new technologies to obtain the optimal solution.

Flexible networking - PROFINET via software library

  • One advantage of the continuous Ethernet cabling is access to industrial automation per communication protocol. There is PROFINET device implementation for the industrial environment.

BACnet building controller with gateway function

  • Building automation today relies increasingly on the BACnet standard. In addition to the EC1000, all current Berghof CoDeSys PLC controllers as BACnet Building Controllers (B-BC) have been prepared for use in building automation. Due to the variety of available onboard interfaces (CAN, RS232, EtherCAT…), combined with the convenient CoDeSys programming, the EC1000 can quite easily assume gateway functions.

Ideal for data monitoring

  • Files which have been recorded e.g. in the .csv format on the controller, can be stored, evaluated or represented graphically at any time.


Ethernet Controller EC1000


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