TEAM DC1: DC-Motor Amplifier

The TEAM product line by TETRA includes EtherCAT®-slaves for sensor signal processing, drive control and boards for customer EtherCAT®-slave development. These products are characterised by their outstanding system performance, quick setup process and ease of use. All TEAM devices are based on the following characteristics:

  • EtherCAT® with CoE (CAN application protocol over EtherCAT®) via RJ45 connectors 
  • Tested cyclic process data transmission with cycle times of ≥ 100µs
  • Distributed Clock for the highest synchronization of data processing 
  • Robust metal housing for optimum shielding of the electronics 
  • 24VDC power supply

The TEAM DC1 is designed for brushed DC motors in the low- to mid-power range. The main features are:

  • DS402 protocol
  • motor voltages between 12V and 48V
  • up to 240W of power
  • two (2) RS422 encoder inputs with integrated velocity estimation per channel
  • selectable high PWM frequency mode with 40kHz
  • selectable manual mode for setup and testing purposes
  • digital I/O, brake control, PT100 input for temperature control, ...


TEAM DC1: DC-Motor Amplifier


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