Absolute Rotary Multiturn Encoder CEV58M-ETC

Absolute rotary encoders C__58 by TR-Electronic provide absolute position reading values in an industrial standard sized housing. With solid shaft and blind shaft, the 58 mm series can be adapted to different machine configurations.

In addition to the usual synchronous and clamping flange configurations, different versions are available as standard. TR-Electronic can also provide suitable shaft and flange combinations in inch-based dimensions for the US market without problem; UL listing is standard.

In the CEV58 and CES58 the resolution per revolution is 32768 steps (15 bits), and 256000 revolutions are detected without batteries or counters.

The COV58 and COS58 offer a higher resolution, with up to 262144 steps per revolution (18 bits). The output resolution in the EtherCAT network can be parameterized with adjustment to the respective application. The M12 plugs are axially arranged, so that the connector cables do not protrude beyond the flange diameter of 58 mm. Two bus connections follow the EtherCAT standard of effective dasy chain cabling; just like the customary wiring in the field.




Absolute Rotary Multiturn Encoder CEV58M-ETC



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