Customized Multi-axis Control Using Standard Components

  • Integrated motion & machine controller, 8 universal built-in drives and power supply
  • Units can be networked together to create a fully integrated solution for up to 64 axes and hundreds of I/Os
  • Wide power range of motor drives - from 100W to 10kW
  • High axis density
  • Short lead time for a fully custom-tailored application
  • Shorter development time, reduced risk, lower cost
  • ACS field proven robustness and reliability
  • NanoPWM™ and PWMboost™ Technology, drives that deliver higher performance and higher power, at smaller size and at better price

The MC4U is a unique modular complete solution that addresses the tailor-made, flexible machine and motion control needs of OEMs. The MC4U’s high performance, Lego-like system combines an EtherCAT controller (for MC4UNT) or drive controller (for MC4UDC), up to 8 universal motor drives, and power supplies with networking to provide a complete machine and motion control solution to demanding motion centric machine automation. Built from standard plug-in components, the MC4U addresses all machine control needs, resulting in shorter development cycle time, reduced risk, small footprint and lower costs.

High performance stems from the fine balance and interaction of the controller software, its hardware interfaces, the drives, the power supplies and the precise integration of all components. Each and every component is designed to deliver performance and the system is tested as a whole to ensure that your most demanding specifications can be achieved. Now many MC4U units and additional ACS and third party EtherCAT components can be networked together, thus creating a single highly integrated system with up to 64 axes and hundreds more I/Os.




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