MicroFlex e150

Motion control without complexity

The ABB high performance machinery drive, MicroFlex e150, is designed to control a wide range of motion applications from simple point to point motion to advanced motion. Motion features include homing, indexing, change of target “on the fly”, electronic gearing, CAM profiler, flying shear and high speed position latch features for registration.

Embedded Ethernet

The integrated Ethernet interface offers EtherCAT® for real-time control of multi-axis systems. In addition, other leading Ethernet protocols are also supported  to enable control possibilities with other controllers such as PLC and Industrial PCs. MicroFlex e150 combines Ethernet technology, advanced multitasking programming and single phase operation in a compact package. Ethernet and motor encoder feedback interfaces are fully integrated and optimised for demanding motion applications. Safe torque-off is a standard feature, to meet the new European machinery directives.

Precise control of rotary and linear motors

The drive provides precision motor control of servo motors, both rotary and linear. Universal encoder interface can be simply configured by software to support a wide range of feedback types.

Advanced programming as standard

The drive is also an intelligent drive, offering Mint programming as standard. Mint is a high level multitasking language, tailored for motion applications. This powerful but simple programming language within Mint WorkBench provides control of communications, logic, motion and HMI interactions, allowing for stanad alone operation, or decentralised motion within a multiaxis solution, or centralised control fomr an EtherCAT manager.


  • Wide range of motion functions
  • Embedded Ethernet including EtherCAT®
  • Precision control of rotary and linear servo motors
  • Advanced Mint programming
  • Safety as standard - STO SIL3 PLe




MicroFlex e150




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