Advanced AC Servo Drive ASDA-A3-E Series

The Advanced ASDA-A3 Series AC Servo Drive features compact design, high-speed response, great accuracy and advanced built-in motion functions for flying cut, rotary table, E-Cam and others. The ASDA-A3-E's notch filters for resonance and vibration suppression facilitate smooth operation.


  • 3.1 kHz bandwidth
  • 24-bit absolute type encoder with high resolution
  • Built-in Safe Torque Off (STO) function
  • EtherCAT communication
  • Flexible compensation diagnosis and vibration suppression function ensures machine stability and reduces settling time
  • Advanced motion control functions for flexible movement
  • Compact and space-saving


  • Power range: 100 W ~ 15 kW(200V); 750 W ~ 15 kW (400V)
  • Input Voltage: 200 V ~ 230 V, single-phase / three-phase; 380 V ~ 480 V, three-phase


  • Machine tools
  • Precise carving machines
  • Gantry processing
  • TFT LCD cutting machines
  • IC packaging machines
  • Assembly / Inspection machines for electronics industry
  • Industrial robots
  • Packaging machines
  • Labeling machines
  • Semiconductor machines
  • Textile machines


Advanced AC Servo Drive ASDA-A3-E Series


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