MINAS-A6B Series

Most obedient condensed EtherCAT slave MINAS A6B from Panasonic. 


  • Frequency response: 3200 Hz
  • Supports network communication EtherCAT
  • Real-time auto tuning function, Anti-vibration filters are available

High functions

  • Device Profile: CoE
  • EtherCAT with many supported applications [7 control modes, 32 hm methods, DC(Synch), SM2(Synch), FreeRUN (Non-synch)]
  • Cycle Time: 125us, 250us, 500us, 1ms, 2ms, 4ms
  • System-up possible with various slaves


  • Official EtherCAT Conformance Test model available
  • IEC safety I/F model and linear motor model (A6BL, A6BM) are under development


  • Power supply : 100V/200V
  • Motor lineup : low inertia, middle inertia, high inertia
  • Output range : 50W - 5kW (over 7.5kW models are under development)