MultiTherm™ 2000 Modular Temperature Controller

MultiTherm™ 2000 Modular Temperature Controller provides a modular architecture (based on the MKS Automation Platform) for temperature control that can be easily configured for single zone or multi-zone temperature control applications. MultiTherm™ 2000 Controller can be used as a standalone temperature controller or it can be easily integrated with a PLC or control system, with support for standard fieldbus and control networks, such as EtherCAT®.

Additionally, the MKS Controls Workbench (CWB) software application is provided with the MultiTherm™ 2000. The CWB software is a simple, customizable integrated solution for device configuration, process monitoring, data storage, system diagnostics, and auto-tuning. The MKS auto-tuning algorithms in the CWB have been proven to provide improved performance in temperature control compared to existing market solutions.

Features & Benefits:

  • Modular architecture - improved flexibility, serviceability, and scalability.
  • Capable of standalone control or can be integrated with a PLC or control network.
  • Integrates with a wide variety of heaters, SSR's, and inputs or outputs.
  • Supports standard fieldbuses & control networks such as EtherCAT
  • Incorporates Current Transformer (CT) inputs for heater diagnostics
  • Advanced control capabilities & programmability via:
  • Support for Model Based Control (MBC) or standard PID control
  • Advanced autotuning algorithm for specific application requirements
  • Cascading loops for applications requiring extremely fast recovery from disturbances.
  • PID gain scheduling for strict process requirements over a broad range of temperatures.
  • Option for full programmability via IEC61131-3 programming environment
  • Can function as a standalone controller, with interface options for Labview.
  • "Off-the-shelf" availability for faster time to market
  • EtherCAT® connectivity enables temperature control integration into fast and highly repeatable (down to tens of µsecs)


MultiTherm™ 2000 Modular Temperature Controller


MKS Instruments

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