b maXX®-safePLC

The safety of machines and systems is one of the most important topics within the automation sector. The reason for this is the new Machinery Directive which will come into effect as of December 29, 2009. In order to meet the high demands on machine and system safety, Baumüller offers safety solutions which are in conformance with PLCopen Safety and can be integrated into systems.

The concept encompasses centralized, modular decentralized and hybrid automation structures and is reflected in every area of the application. Baumüller hence integrates its safety concept into all automation components, the main component being the new b maXX®-safePLC safety control in connection with a drive system with integrated functional safety.

The integrated safety control ensures the reduction of risks due to technical failure or incorrect handling that affect either the production process or the safety of employees. Both safety and productivity of the system are increased. The installed diagnostic functions allow early detection and resolution of manufacturing errors and loss of production. This can in turn prevent an expensive stillstand.

The b maXX®-safePLC safety control helps increase safety and reduce complexity. The need for complex wiring is eliminated, reducing the number of wires involved and minimizing the testing effort required. Integrated safety controls mean units that are coupled multiple times are completely superfluous. The combined standard and SIL 3 safety control therefore not only reduces the complexity of the system or machine and ensures safe operation; it also offers machine operators a cost benefit compared to conventional solutions.


b maXX®-safePLC


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