SystemOne CM

There are mainly 3 points that make SystemOne CM the most compact automation system in its class. First is the integration of a safety plc in the standard plc, then the integration of a 24 V / 500 W switchmode power supply in the supply module and finally the use of double and triple axis servo controllers. In comparison to common multi axis systems, SystemOne CM saves 40 % space in the cabinet.

Increasing the scale of integration inside SystemOne CM does not only save space but also cuts the costs. For example in a triple axis controller, 3 servo controllers share 1 housing, 1 fieldbus interface, 1 power connection and 1 switch mode power supply which reduces the costs significantly. In addition the number of needed compontes is decreasing so that costs for mounting and installation are reduced, too.

A big part of the high integration scale comes from the control ASIC that includes all necessary  drive control functions on one single chip. That allows realization of encoder and current interfacing with increased resolution and significantly improved signal quality. In combination with the premium control structure with compensation and observer functions this leads to unique dynamic and presicision.

Safety functionality that is needed to make machines safe according machine directive 2006/42/EG is scalable integrated in the automation system SystemOne CM. This includes simple safety functions like STO and SBC also as safety single axis movements like SLS and SLP even as safe monitoring of a working area. For this reason SystemOne CM solves the safety tasks of todays machine generations and in addition has the flexibility for the challenges of the future.

The PLC has a scalable computing power on PC basis and integrates technology packages for standard plc, CNC and robotics on one software platform. This creates flexibility for many applications.

Typical applications are:

  • Machine tools
  • Wood machines
  • Packaging machines
  • Semiconductor machines
  • Textile machines


SystemOne CM


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